people matter

We build new ventures, support founding teams, and partner with outstanding companies

support new ventures

We strive to help entrepreneurs build and operate their new ventures

Through our in-house capabilities coupled with a global network of top notch external advisors, we provide talented entrepreneurs with a pivotal support to turn their start-up ideas into disruptive market players.

invest in teams

We dedicate resources to teams and their growing start-ups

From the earliest stages of business development through successful exit and beyond, our approach is based on tied cooperation and trust.

partner on expansion

We partner up with local and international companies to actively support them in their expansion

scope of activities

Our scope is Iran, one of the largest untapped market in the world, and the Middle East !




mobile penetration growth '14


internet penetration '14


smartphone users growth '14

our focus

  • mobile


  • marketplaces


  • saas


  • e-commerce


  • internet services

    internet services

Our Team & Advisors

Thanks to our international experience and a strong knowledge of the local context, our multicultural team is particularly well suited to navigate the local investment landscape and manage day-to-day contact with portfolio companies.

Our team built experience from some of world's prestigious institutions.

We want to hear from you

We are always looking for entrepreneurs aiming at making a significant impact, so get in touch with us!